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24 May 2020

Isolation is a health hazard

Some extensive notes and thoughts about isolation and loneliness, from our reading during the lockdown.

06 Apr 2020

In search of perspective

A follow on from my earlier post about the Covid-2019 pandemic lock down.

22 Mar 2020

The fate of the avoidant

Avoidant insecure attachment style results from consistent infant caregiver misattunement. These people seem to have the most trouble with our connectedness model. So what can they do?

18 Mar 2020

The history of trauma

The reality of trauma may have been finally recognized in the aftermath of the Vietnam war, but it was actually first discovered in 1890s.

16 Mar 2020

Lost connections

A review of Johann Hari's 2018 book Lost connections: Uncovering the real causes of depression

16 Mar 2020

Childhood disrupted

A review of Donna Nakazawa's 2016 book Childhood Disrupted: : how your biography becomes your biology.

14 Mar 2020

The real virus is anxiety

Polyvagal Theory adds a voice of calm to the virus fear and panic.

12 Mar 2020

Living with chronic stress over long periods

Modern stress differs from pre-industrial era stress in some important ways.


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