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Life is Wonderful

Hi, we are Sibylle and Peter and we think that Life is Wonderful! Our message is about rediscovering and reinventing human connection. The latest research shows that social capability and social bonds are inextricably bound up with health and well-being. When we are able to reorient our compasses so that we learn to trust ourselves, to trust others and ultimately to trust life itself, then most of the world's problems go away. Our mission is to accompany others on their path as they discover this for themselves.


For some, these ideas will resonate straight off, but for others the old parts of the brain will fight the material with every fiber of their being. This is to be expected. Carolynne Myss calls it being loyal to our suffering, Eckhart Tolle calls it identification with our false self. Quite simply because it's all that we know. Its who 'we' are, and what life made us. Its singularly familiar, and, sadly, defines 'normal' life in our society at this time.


Except, our old brains are not the real us, not our true wonderful self... ripe with potential for creativity and evolution. Instead, sometimes, it feels more like a basket of distraction, worry, scarcity, isolation, addiction, relationship drama, and deteriorating health.


We work with the Autonomic Nervous System, using Attachment and Polyvagal Theory. We acknowledge the reality of Developmental trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our tools are group work, Kineseology, Yoga and other bodywork. We believe this material offers a personal development system that can actually help people move from anxiety into love.



The Autonomic Nervous System

The ANS is the operating system of the body, and it offers a powerful new insight into why sometimes, despite our best efforts, our well-being remains elusive. Understanding how our nervous system works allows us to become partners with it to discover a new sense of health and happiness.


Its useful to understand that the old part of our brain has an in built worry bias, which evolved to protect us from danger as we struggled through our evolutionary journey. Conversely, we now know that the newer parts of the brain are developing in such a way that the nervous system gains its primary safety and comfort from being connected with others.


This message is a major U-turn for our society. As we move on from the last century's emphasis on heroic individualism, this now means that we can stop trying to do personal development on our own, and instead embark on an upward spiral of increasing connection, increasing well being, increasing social skills capacity.



When we have trouble with our relationships, it takes the form of faulty core beliefs, which we learnt when we were young. Those beliefs we live our whole adult life with and by. The problem is that we are now grown up. The beliefs served us, as children, as a system of protection. For instance as a child we can not fight with our parents and hope to win, based on size, and we can not run, because we will die. Therefore we shut down various parts of our life, and in its place, create these core beliefs to justify this unhappy situation.


As adults, if we are to find well-being, we have to look at, and rewrite those old beliefs. Then we can truly connect with others. Then we can love. Then we can relax. Then we can say, in truth, that life is indeed wonderful.


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