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The real virus is anxiety



With a working understanding of the autonomic nervous system, it allows us to re-frame the present panic around the Covid-19/Coronavirus in a calmer light.


For a start, of the 4937 deaths to date, the majority are in the 80+ age bracket, and have pre-existing medical conditions. But, for me my immediate thought was just: surely there's more important things to be concerned about. So a single hour on the internet turned up these statistics to hopefully give some balance and perspective.





So lets just come out and say it, the real virus here is obviously anxiety. With depression already now the leading cause of disability worldwide, and better than 10% of us now taking antidepressants, adding additional anxiety in the form of a supposedly highly contagious virus is akin to pouring gasoline on a fire. Polyvagal theory tells quite a different story, actually 180 degrees about face from the message we are getting from the media just now. That in order to find balance in our nervous system we need to seek out and maintain connections, and to be socially engaged. Isolation, on the other hand is actually an evolutionary danger cue, felt in the same part of the brain as physical pain. It really is the absolute last thing we need right now.


On the contrary, now is the time to enhance our co-regulation resources, find more safety in connection, and enjoy the fruits of our resulting strong immune systems.



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